Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sailor Moon, Little Witch Academia & The 2014 Winter Season

Posted by: Arthur Heartless on Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two awesome pieces of information today, Sailor Moon 2013's season premiere and Trigger's Little Witch Academia stretch goal.

Finally we get an update regarding the new Sailor Moon series which was suppose to air along side the other 2013 Summer anime but was delayed. The idol group, Momoiro Clover Z has confirmed that the new Sailor Moon series will be airing in the 2014 Winter season. This same idol group will also be singing the opening and ending theme song. There is still no voice cast listed as of yet and Osabu has stated that the new series is not a remake so too bad for that. I would of loved to see the old Sailor Moon series reanimated in a modern fashion after seeing how beautifully Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen was animated but oh well. No specific air date has been set but it will most likely be in December.

I am pleased to announce that the Little Witch Academia 2 stretch goal has been met. The original goal of $150,000 was met only 5 hours after it's posting on Kickstarter in which 15 more minutes of run time to the original 20 minutes they had planned. Studio Trigger has since made a stretch goal of $500,000 to add an audio commentary track, a "making of" documentary and a blu-ray disc which has been met this past Thursday. The blu-ray disc will also contain the anime's original soundtrack. I'm seriously thinking it's only a manner of time before this anime receives a full cour series. Little Witch Academia and Studio Trigger have received quite a deal of popularity, not to mention the studio's much anticipated first full cour series, Kill La Kill airs next season. Things are looking good for the new studio and I can't wait to see what Trigger has in store for the future. I enjoyed the first Little Witch Academia so I'm definitely planning to watch the second one. No air date has been confirmed but Studio Trigger has stated that their hoping to finish the episode by the 2014 Winter season.


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