Saturday, August 3, 2013

Attack on Titan Ep 17: The Female Titan

Posted by: Arthur Heartless on Saturday, August 3, 2013

This week, Commander Irvin leads his soldiers outside of the walls on the 57th expedition. During the expedition, the soldiers begin coming across a number of Titans and some are killed relatively quickly but the new recruits are still shaken up by their former experience with Titans. Unfortunately, the formation comes under threat as a abnormal type shows up and heads directly for the center of the soldier's formation. The situation is only made more difficult by the fact that the soldiers have no choice but to fight on flat terrain which is a big problem for the use of 3DMG. A Female Titan shows up but this one is far more intelligent than any other abnormal type ever encountered which reveals that she is indeed a shifter just like Eren. The Female Titan is not only fast but she makes quick work of any and every soldier that comes near her. To makes matter worse, she even has the power to lead and organize an army of other Titans at will. The Female Titan manages to catch Armin but she decides to kill or even harm him and continues running towards the center. Armin believes that the shifter is looking for Eren so Jean decides to try and slow down the shifter before she finds Eren. Killing her is practically impossible so Jean, Armin and Reiner make an attempt to try and cut her achilles tendon, a plan that goes horribly wrong as the Female Titan cuts them off at every point. The trio just barely manages to escape with their lives and she begins to run away from them but she's actually just heading for the center rear of the formation where Eren is believed to be located.

Damn, another episode that fucks with your emotions and we got a new Titan shifter faster than expected but we are given no hints as to who she is. I do however have an idea as to who the Armored Titan might be. As Armin and the others had stated, the only Titans who haven't given any attention to killing or eating humans have been the shifters like Eren which include the Female Titan, Armored Titan, Colossal Titan and of course Eren. The Colossal Titan breaks down the major walls while the Armored Titan smashes through the gates. The Female Titan then summons a hoard of other Titans to swarm the targeted city so we know that the three shifters must be close. Anyway, my guess is that Reiner is the Armored Titan based on both appearance and the Female Titan' movements in the end of the episode. Just compare a photo of the Armored Titan and Reiner and see for yourself.

Now onto the movements of the Female Titan during the last scene. Reiner believed that Eren was in the right flank of the formation and coincidentally, the Female Titan and her army went there first, wiping out the entire right flank. Armin informs Reiner that Eren is in fact towards the center or the rear of the formation. After Reiner is "captured" by the Female Titan and then escapes her, she all of a sudden heads towards the center rear of the formation. I know it's a stretch but it just seems like too much of a coincidence that she just up and changed her direction immediately after catching Reiner. If I'm right then Annie might be the Female Titan as she seems to be the only female who hangs around Reiner but then again it could also be Christa as she is the only blond girl already out in the fields with Irvin's group. This makes me want to go and read the manga just to reassure myself but I always prefer to watch the anime then read the manga from where the anime left off.


  1. I don't mean to spoil it, if you still haven't read the manga, but it's Annie.

  2. "I don't mean to spoil it, but let me post a blatant spoiler."