Sunday, February 3, 2013

Soul Eater Set to Join Toonami!!!

Posted by: Arthur Heartless on Sunday, February 3, 2013

Confirmed by Toonami's own Tumblr account, the anime Soul Eater is set to premiere on Toonami two weeks from tonight. Soul Eater will replace Samurai Seven who's last episode will air next week. I've watched Soul Eater subbed before and I must say Soul Eater really is one of best dubbed animes out there and the staff over at Funimation, Williams Street and Cartoon Network really made a smart choice with this decision. For those who may not know about this anime, allow me to summarize the plot for you. The story focuses around a young girl by the Maka and her partner Soul. Maka is a meister and Soul is a person who can transform into a weapon. The two of them combine their skills to kill tainted souls/demons as well as witches. Maka's aim is to become one of the best meisters in the academy and turn Soul into a death scythe (a weapon to be held by Death himself). To do this, she and Soul must kill 99 demons and one witch in that order. The series is soon invaded by others characters like the charismatic yet idiotic ninja, Black Star and his partner Tsubaki as well as the son of Death, Death the Kid and his partners, the Thompson sisters. I won't really spoil the plot for you but all in all, Soul Eater is a really great anime and I'm glad to see it added to the Toonami line-up. Since Soul Eater is 51 episodes long, the overall series will last to the end of the year (if there aren't any problems).


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